358 - Library & Topical Reference Materials

Records relating to ministry/agency reference resources gathered from various sources to use for information purposes.  This primary provides for the retention and disposition of published and unpublished material acquired for a ministry/agency library or for general reference purposes by any other government office (i.e., topical files).

Record types include articles, audiovisual materials, books, brochures, correspondence copies, journals, magazines, manuals, newsletters, newspaper, periodicals, pamphlets, and reports in all media formats.

NOTE: This primary is not a library classification system; rather it allows libraries to retain and dispose of published and unpublished materials as required.

NOTE: Library/reference materials that relate to specific administrative or operational functions may be classified under the appropriate ARCS or ORCS secondary.

For audio-visual and graphics material collected for communications purposes, see primary 306.
For the production of ministry/agency publications, see primaries 308 and 312.
For transitory records, see Transitory Information (schedule 102901).

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Records Series OPR
358-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
358-01 General SO nil DE
358-20 Library/topical reference materials
(covers external publications and copies of internal publications and correspondence)
(does not cover original correspondence or reference material that is an integral part of another file)
SO = when no long needed for reference purposes, and when master copies of any original publications have been filed under ARCS secondary 312-05 or under the appropriate ORCS secondary.
NOTE: If there are multiple copies of a publication, the extra copies can be disposed of using the special schedule (Transitory Records).
SO nil DE

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