100 - Administration, General

Records not shown elsewhere in the administration section which relate generally to general administrative functions and activities of B.C. government ministries and agencies.

Record types include appointment books, calendars, diaries, meeting room booking records, and convenience copies of correspondence.

NOTE: Only records that cannot be classified in a more specific primary or secondary may be classified under this primary.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for SO nil DE 

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
100-00 Policy and procedures
DE = These records can be destroyed upon authorization of the Records Officer because significant policies and procedures are retained by the government archives in the records of central agencies.
SO nil DE
100-01 General CY+2y nil DE
100-05 Lists, spreadsheets, and registers
(covers approval tracking, staff responsibility lists, project tracking logs, indexes, and other lists used to keep track of information that is documented elsewhere in the office recordkeeping system)
NOTE: Do not use this secondary for lists, spreadsheets and registers that are covered by a specific secondary in ARCS or the relevant ORCS.
SO nil DE
100-20 Correspondence convenience copies (since 1980/01)
(also known as day files and chronological files) NOTE: These records consist of copies of correspondence created since 1 January 1980 that are arranged in chronological order for administrative convenience. Classify the official file copy on the appropriate ARCS or ORCS secondary.
3m nil DE
100-25 Correspondence convenience copies (pre-1980/01)
(also known as day files and chronological files)
NA = Active and semi-active retention periods have elapsed for records created prior to 1 January 1980.
SR = The government archives will selectively retain convenience copies of correspondence created before 1 January 1980. A government archivist will select convenience copies of correspondence that provide evidence of government programs for which the government archives lacks sufficient documentation in its holdings.
100-30 Appointment and meeting scheduling records
(includes appointment books, calendars, diaries, meeting room booking records, and other planners. NOTE: Apply the Special Schedule for Executive Records (102906) to executive (e.g., minister, deputy minister, and assistant deputy minister or equivalent) appointment and meeting scheduling records. Set aside executive appointment books, calendars, and other planners regularly for transfer to the government archives (print electronic versions and box with other SR records or transfer via the government EDRMS).
SO nil DE