New option coming soon

We are updating the BC Services Card app so more people can use it. Now, anyone who needs to access your service online can use their government-issued ID to set up the app. We no longer limit it to only people with a BC Services Card.

Last updated: October 6, 2022

On this page:

Access to your service will not change

By default, services will have this option turned off.

Your service will continue to only accept login from people with a BC Services Card.

If a person without a BC Services Card tries to log in to your service, they'll see a message in login that a BC Services Card is required. They will not be able to log in to your service.

It’s optional

You do not need to do anything at this time. 

You decide if, and when, you want to update your service and allow access from anyone with the app.

We've also added an option so you can choose to limit access to only people who live in British Columbia. 

Why you should update your service to accept this new option

This new option might interest you if you have people that need to access your service but do not have a BC Services Card.

The list of people who do not have a BC Services Card could include:

  • People who do not qualify for the Medical Services Plan (MSP), such as those new to the province
  • Students from B.C. who are studying in other provinces or countries
  • People who live in other provinces and territories
  • Military members
  • Some federal employees

If you update your service to accept this option, you will:

  • Increase the number of people who can access your service
  • Reduce or remove the need to provide other ways for people to log in, such as BCeID

The same enhanced security and privacy features

All the existing security and privacy features will still apply. Everyone must continue to provide ID and verify their identity before using the app.

People without a BC Services Card, will:

After providing IDs, they'll verify their identity by sending a video. It’s the same way people can choose to do it now when they set up the app with the BC Services Card.

The identity assurance level will still be at level 3.

No change to login

There are no changes to how someone logs in. People will log in with the app just like they do today.

Services that will use this option

This option is only going to be turned on for these services to start:

  • PRIME, by Ministry of Health
  • StudentAid BC, by Ministry of Advanced Education Skills and Training
  • BC Registries, by Ministry of Citizens’ Services
  • Online Employment Services (OES), by Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction

Interested in this option?

It's a simple configuration change to turn on this option. Before we do, you’ll need to update your:

  1. Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) checklist
  2. Service Agreement

When you’re ready, contact us.