Capital Asset Management Framework: Additional Resources

The Ministry of Finance fully supports the use of established solicitation and best practice documents for the public and private sectors. However, the use of such documents is not a mandatory requirement of the Capital Asset Management Framework. 

Examples include the nationally recognized documents provided by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC). CCDC contracts and documents are consensus-based and widely used across Canada by the public and private sectors. CCDC documents are available through numerous outlets in BC.  Further information on the use of specific contracts is available in A Summary Guide to BC Construction Standards and Guidelines (PDF).

The Provincial Government also worked with the BC Construction Association to develop BC-specific supplementary conditions to CCDC standard contracts. These are:

The Provincial Owner-Controlled Construction Insurance Program also provides owner controlled course of construction and wrap-up liability insurance coverage for public sector construction projects. This website provides owner and contractor insured supplementary conditions specific to insurance, contract security and indemnification clauses for use with various CDCC documents.