Local government statistics

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing collects financial data from local governments in B.C. through annual financial reporting. The data is reviewed, compiled and made available to the public.

All local governments in B.C. must submit financial statements and tax rate information by May 15 each year by submitting:

  • Financial plans
  • Audited financial statements
  • Tax rate bylaws
  • Local Government Data Entry (LGDE) forms
  • LGDE tax forms

Once reviewed by the ministry this information is published in statistical schedules. Publication of financial statistics increases the openness, transparency and accountability of local government financial affairs.

The quality of information contained in the schedules depends on the input from local governments and their auditors. While the ministry performs reviews on all submitted data, it does not guarantee its accuracy or validity. Contact local governments directly if confirmation of data is required.​

Data for years prior to 2005 may be requested electronically.

Tax rates, tax burden and property assessments

Tax rates, tax burden and property assessments provide data on municipal property taxes.

General and financial statistics

Local government statistics provide data found in the financial statements of municipalities and regional districts.

Population and number of regional directors

Regional and municipal governments statistics provide assessment and population information for each regional district and its participants.