Local Government Maps

Legally defined local government maps are based on a local government’s legal metes and bounds description in their letters patent as of the date of the Order in Council (OIC) noted on the map.

Find the boundaries for regional districts, electoral areas and municipalities.

Boundary Maps

Each map has a status of either appended or not appended. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is working on appending all maps to letters patent.


Appended digital maps have have been appended to the local government's letters patent and have received Cabinet approval. An appended map is a legal map and form a Schedule to the local government's letters patent.

Not Appended

In the absence of a boundary amendment which requires Cabinet approval, un-appended digital maps are provided for reference only. In other words, while the digital map is the visual representation of the boundary, it is not considered legal until appended to letters patent.

In the event of a discrepancy on an un-appended map, the written metes and bounds description will prevail.

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