Celebrating Excellence in Transportation

Each year, the Province celebrates organizations that have made outstanding contributions to British Columbia’s transportation system.

In any given year, there are over 100 transportation projects taking place across the province, improving infrastructure and keeping our roads and bridges safe. From design and specialized engineering to excellence in safety innovation and highway maintenance, the Celebrating Excellence Award recognizes contractors and consulting engineers who have made a notable contribution to British Columbia's vast transportation infrastructure.

The awards are hosted annually by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of British Columbia and B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association.

Facts About B.C.'s Transportation System

Our transportation infrastructure is made up of:

  • 46,000+ km of highway and side roads
  • 5,300+ km of highway rumble strips
  • 2,900+ bridges
  • 500+ km of wildlife exclusion fencing
  • 280+ weather stations
  • 25 coastal ferry routes and 14 inland ferry routes
  • 3 Class-1 railways
  • 134 certified and registered airports
  • 707 traffic signals
  • 470+ webcam locations with over 690 available views