Investor and Consumer Protection

Whether you’re investing money or making a purchase, you may have concerns about the individual or company you’re dealing with. Protect yourself by learning as much as you can using the resources below.

Investor Protection

The BC Securities Commission helps protect investors by providing information and seminars on making good investment decisions and avoiding investment scams. Learn more on their website:

To book a free group investment seminar, ask a question, call toll-free at 1-800-373-6393 or 604-899-6854 in the Lower Mainland.

Consumer Protection

For information about funeral services, travel agents, collection firms, home inspectors, telemarketers, and more, go to:

The Motor Vehicle Sales Authority regulates and licenses automobile dealers in B.C. Their website offers:

Industry Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs offers:

Check out Better Business Bureau reviews of businesses and charities if you have any doubts.