Financial Planning

Financial planning can help you maintain a good quality of life as you get older. Below, you'll find some resources to help you organize your financial affairs for now and the future.

To help you plan for retirement, the Government of Canada provides detailed information, including a useful tool for estimating your retirement income and preparing your finances for retirement. See:

Financial Planning and Protection Brochures

These eight brochures for seniors, available in English and French, cover a wide range of financial planning and protection topics to help you protect your financial assets now and prepare for the future.

What Every Older Adult Should Know About Financial Planning and Protection

English brochures:

1.  Financial Planning (PDF, 826KB)
2.  Income and Benefits from Government Programs (PDF, 847KB)
3.  Managing and Protecting Their Assets (PDF, 832KB)
4.  Planning for Possible Loss of Independence (PDF, 835KB)
5.  Planning for Their Future Housing Needs (PDF, 796KB)
6.  Having a Will and Making Funeral Plans (PDF, 867KB)
7.  Financial Abuse (PDF, 873KB)
8.  Frauds and Scams (PDF, 903KB)

French brochures:

1.  Planification financière (PDF, 924KB)
2.  Rentes et des prestations des programmes gouvernementaux (PDF, 936KB)
3.  Gestion et de la protection de leurs avoirs (PDF, 858KB)
4.  Planification en cas d’éventuelle perte d’autonomie (PDF, 851KB)
5.  Planification de leurs futurs besoins en matière de logement (PDF, 890KB)
6.  Testaments et des arrangements funéraires (PDF, 879KB)
7.  L’exploitation financière (PDF, 882KB)
8.  Fraude et de l’escroquerie (PDF, 927KB)

This series of financial planning and protection brochures was produced in conjunction with World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and is made available by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial (F/P/T) Ministers Responsible for Seniors in Canada. For more information, see: