Financial and Legal Matters

Throughout life, we sometimes face unexpected legal or financial situations. As we age, our health and living circumstances may make us even more vulnerable to change.

In some cases, our ability to care for our finances and make legal decisions diminishes. And, of course, the financial and legal concerns connected with our eventual passing often weigh heavily on our minds.

The best thing we can do is learn as much as we can about the financial and legal challenges of aging, prepare ourselves, and plan ahead to assist our family or caregivers.

Arranging Your Finances

For information on how to arrange your finances to maintain a good quality of life as you age, read:

Protecting Yourself

From Neglect and Abuse

Older adults may be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect, but there are ways to prevent it. If you are being abused or neglected, or if you know or suspect that someone else is being subjected to abuse, neglect, or self-neglect, there are many ways to get help. Please see:

From Scams and Fraud

Making financial decisions, investments, donations, and purchases can be complex enough, without worrying that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Learn how to protect yourself and your finances from scams and frauds, especially those that target older adults.

Legal and Financial Planning for Illness and Death

For information on how to draw up the necessary legal agreements to arrange your affairs in the case of your illness or death, please see:

Help with Legal Issues

If you need legal advice or a lawyer, you can find resources for locating both on the following pages: