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Proactive Disclosure Release of MCFD Contracted Service Provider Contract Details

The B.C. government has begun proactively releasing several new categories of records commonly requested through Freedom of Information.

This new Proactive Disclosure directive, which is issued under section 71.1 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, requires the Ministry of Children and Family development to release information, on a quarterly basis, on all its non-residential contracts where:

(a) the contract value is $10,000 or more;

(b) an amendment modifies the initial value of a contract to an amended contract value that is $10,000 or more; or,

(c) an amendment valued at $10,000 or more is made to a contract.

There are 12 data elements contained in these reports that include:

  1. Reporting Period
  2. Contractor Legal Name (including names of individuals if applicable)
  3. Description of the work (the ministry STOB code used to identify the type of contract i.e., STOB 60: Professional Services contracts and STOB 80: Third Party Service Agreements)
  4. Contract Start Date (date contracted services are set to begin)
  5. Contract End Date
  6. Contract Number
  7. Ministry and office, division or branch procuring the service
  8. Initial Contract Value (the contract value at the most recent award date)
  9. Current Amendment Value (the amount of any  modification to the contract value made within the report period)
  10. Amended Contract Value (the revised contract value after any modification to the initial value)
  11. A detailed description of the services to be provided
  12. The process used to procure the services (Open Competition, Direct Award, etc.)

The first report reflects all contracts awarded or amended during the first quarter of the 2017 fiscal year:  April, May and June of 2017, and will be made public in September.   Subsequent reports will be posted to the Open Information website within 60 calendar days after the end of the quarter to which they relate.  Information will be retained for 2 years on the Open Information website.

This new disclosure adds to the information and data already released on a routine basis, such as purchase and travel card expenses, regulatory requirements count, class-size data, provincial surgical wait times, post-secondary operating grants, motor-vehicle collisions and contributing factors, hourly air pollutant monitoring, community-safety and crime-prevention grants and annual disclosure of executive compensation.

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