Complaints from Child or Family Service Providers

The provincial government offers a consistent, fair and timely vendor complaint review process that:

  • Addresses complaints about procurement processes
  • Identifies ways to improve procurement processes

Make a Complaint About MCFD Procurement Activities

Step 1: Vendors can submit a complaint in writing about activities from the formal Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) procurement process (complaints cannot be about an informal discussion).

Step 2: Send the completed form to the procurement contact listed on the competition posting – it must be received within 30 business days after notice of competition outcome.

If the procurement contact is unknown, send the form to: Ministry Vendor Complaints

Step 3: Within 3 to 5 business days, your complaint will be confirmed as received and registered – you will receive a reference number to use in all future communication.

Step 4: The procurement contact investigates the complaint and drafts a written response that includes:

  • Reasons why a complaint was denied or dismissed, or
  • Planned action and rationale if a complaint has merit

The Assistant Deputy Minister reviews the written response and signs it. The vendor should receive the letter within 30 days of submitting their complaint.

Step 5: If a vendor is not satisfied with the outcome, they can request a review by the Procurement Governance Office.