Formal Vendor Complaint Review Process

If your concerns are not addressed informally with the ministry, you can initiate a formal vendor complaint through the Vendor Complaint Review Process (VCRP).

The B.C. government has a formal Vendor Complaint Review Process (VCRP), intended to provide an accessible, consistent, fair, impartial and timely review process to identify ways to make improvements to ministry procurements.  You can use it to have your complaints addressed related to any ministry competitive solicitation or direct award decision that impacts you. The purpose of this formal review process is to help the Province continuously improve its policies and procedures. No compensation will be awarded to complainants.

The formal review process is limited to issues of procurement policy and procedures. For example, you could initiate a formal complaint about how the evaluation criteria were applied to your submission, but not about your submission’s individual scores. 

If your complaint refers to something else, such as issues with vendor or ministry performance or conduct during a contract, you may use other complaint review or dispute resolution processes such as the Office of the Ombudsperson or the dispute resolution process outlined in your contract.

The VCRP formal review process provides an opportunity for you to escalate your complaint about:

  • Competitive solicitations; and
  • Contract awards or proposed contract awards. 

Note that the formal review process is available only for solicitations and contracts issued by ministries and direct government entities, and only for those whose business interests have been affected by a specific procurement and that have already completed the informal process. Complaints about processes conducted by other entities should be directed to those entities.


How the VCRP works

complaint process


Follow the steps below to have your complaint regarding ministries’ and direct government entities’ contract award decisions formally reviewed. 



Formal Complaint Process

If your concern isn’t resolved satisfactorily through an informal discussion, you may submit a formal complaint in writing to the ministry involved. If the complaint is about a competitive solicitation, you must initiate a formal complaint within 30 days of the notification of the results of the solicitation or, if you unsuccessfully competed for the work, within 30 days of your debriefing meeting. If your complaint is about a direct award that you wanted an opportunity to compete on, it must be received within 30 business days of the disclosure of the direct award or the closing date of the Notice of Intent posting on BC Bid, whichever is later.


Request a Review by the Procurement Governance Office

If your concerns haven’t been resolved through the formal complaint process with the ministry, you can request that the Procurement Governance Office (PGO) undertake a review.


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