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Welcome to the B.C. government’s corporate resource for vendors who want to sell or are currently selling goods, services and construction to the Province. In this site, vendors will find a wide variety of information on how the Province engages the marketplace and manages the contracting process, such as:

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  • BC Bid: A marketplace where public sector organizations (including local governments, school boards, health authorities, Crown corporations and the B.C. government) advertise for vendors to provide a wide range of goods, services and construction.
  • Respond to Opportunities:  What vendors should consider when making the decision whether or not to respond to an opportunity, what to expect when participating in a competitive solicitation, how to write submissions, and how to get feedback on the evaluation of submissions (coming soon)
  • First Time Responding:  Guidance specifically written for vendors who have never responded to a competitive solicitation process before (coming soon)
  • Learning and Supports:  Information, training and upcoming events that can help vendors navigate the procurement process and learn about the various types of funding that the Province offers (coming soon)
  • Contract Award:  What vendors can expect when signing a contract with the Province (coming soon)
  • Once the Contract is Signed:  Learn about the policies and practices that apply to provincial contracts and how to maintain a positive relationship with the Province for the duration of the contract (coming soon)
  • Vendor Concerns & Complaints:  Discover what vendors can do if they don’t agree with a decision that the Province has made about a contract or contract award, as well as how to provide feedback to improve the Province’s practices and relationships with vendors.
  • BC Bid Resources: The corporate resource for provincial staff who acquire goods, services and construction from contractors.



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