Find Child Care in B.C.

Use the Child Care Map to search licensed providers in your community, check to see if your provider participates in the fee reduction initiative, and access additional early years supports. 

Child Care Map

Find licensed child care facilities in your community. 

Search by:

  • City
  • Distance from your home address
  • Program type (under 36 months to age 12)
  • Hours of operation (weekday, weekend, overnight, early morning, late night)
  • Services offered (meals, additional languages, special needs, Indigenous programming)

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Fee Reduction Initiative

The Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative lowers the cost of child care for families. Parents do not need to apply. Full-time care fee reduction:

  • up to $350/month for group infant/toddler care
  • up to $200/month for family infant/toddler care
  • up to $100/month for group care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten
  • up to $60/month for family care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten

Part-time care receives a pro-rated amount.

Inclusive Child Care

Services are available to children with extra support needs to allow them to participate in fully inclusive child care settings.

Early Childhood Development

Early years programs include a range of early childhood development and family support services which help to promote the healthy growth and development of young children (0-6 years).

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Why are some facilities not on the child care map?

If you did not find the child care facility you were looking for it may be because the facility: