Learning programs for young children

During the first few years of life, every child experiences rapid growth and change. This process is important for a child's physical, social, emotional and mental development. Help your child's development by joining an early learning program in your area.

Why Are The Early Years a Smart Investment?

Investments in a child during their early years pay dividends to society and the economy their whole life through. There's an infinite number of ways to help young children develop, and everyone has a role to play.

Join a program

Connect with other families in your community to help build a network of support and provide your child with great opportunities for healthy learning and development. Find out what's available in your community:

Child Care Resource and Referral Centres can help with finding child care, community support or health experts. They also offer workshops and playgroups.

Family Resource Program (FRP): Delivered through a Family Place, Neighbourhood House, Friendship Centre, or Boys & Girls Club, this program offers great opportunities for parents and children through programs like Parent-Child Mother Goose and Nobody's Perfect Parenting.

StrongStart BC: These programs provide rich learning environments designed for early learning development. Learning activities give young children the opportunity to make friends and interact with others of similar ages. Parents and caregivers are also invited to attend and join in the fun! 

Plan for going to school

In B.C., children can start elementary school in the year they turn five. Get support in planning for this big event:

Kindergarten: A full day, play-based program designed to help five-year-olds develop academic and social skills.

Ready, Set, Learn: This program is all about how families can support their young child’s early learning and development. It also develops positive connections between families, the school system and local community agencies.