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Search several databases for information about waste discharge authorizations.

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Authorization documents

The Authorization Management System (AMS) stores all documentation for waste discharge authorizations.

You can search AMS for documents for one authorization or do a broad search for a group of authorizations. 

You can find information related to authorizations, such as:

  • A copy of an authorization
  • Documents supporting an authorization
  • Discharge limits
  • Reporting requirements

You can search AMS based on:

  • Authorization number
  • Company or person
  • Type of industry
  • Location

Tips for completing a search:

  • Enter the company name, individual's name or 'doing business as' name in the 'Applicant' field
  • Use a % in front of your search term for more results

Information about authorizations is exported from AMS in spreadsheets to search and sort for your convenience.

Please consult the Instructions for Using the AMS Data Spreadsheets (PDF, 250KB).

There are 2 options to search:

Compliance inspections

The Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Database (NRCED) contains compliance and enforcement actions conducted by all natural resource agencies.

NRCED stores environmental compliance inspections of waste discharge authorizations.

Environmental data

The Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) is the database for physical, chemical and biological data of air, water and soil analyses throughout the province.

Some authorizations require monitoring results to be uploaded into EMS.