Stop discharging waste

If you no longer discharge waste into the environment, you may want to cancel, suspend or abandon your authorization.

Request to stop discharging waste

The ministry decides which of the following options applies to you depending on the complexity and nature of your waste discharge.

Cancellation means you no longer discharge waste and your authorization requirements and discharge fees end. You must reapply if waste discharge ever resumes.

Suspension means you no longer discharge waste but you want the ability to resume at a later time without reapplying. Some of your authorization requirements end, but some may continue. Discharge fees still apply.  

Abandonment means you no longer discharge waste but due to the nature of your waste you may be required to have continued monitoring to ensure environmental protection. Discharge fees no longer apply. You must reapply if waste discharge resumes.  

Submit a request to stop discharging waste

Step 1 - Intake

For a request to stop discharging waste:

Fees: None

Timelines: Ministry staff will contact you within 30 days and inform you of your next steps. Incomplete forms are returned.  

Step 2 - Review

Ministry staff will review your request and screen your application. Ministry staff will contact you if further information is needed, such as:

  • Documentation that the discharge is no longer occurring
  • Closure plans
  • Monitoring plans

The timelines to complete this phase depend on the complexity of your authorization. Ministry staff will inform you after their review.

Step 3 - Finalize

You will receive confirmation from the ministry by letter and email if your request is accepted.    

Need help?

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