Natural Resource Compliance & Enforcement Reporting

Compliance and enforcement (C&E) reporting demonstrates the Province's commitment to the protection, management and conservation of B.C.'s water, land, air and living resources. Publicly reporting C&E activities promotes compliance with laws and regulations.


Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Database
The Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Database (formerly the Environmental Violations Database) is a searchable application, containing compliance and enforcement actions issued by natural resource agencies.


About Environmental Compliance in B.C. Learn all about how to stay in compliance with the Environmental Management Act and the Integrated Pest Management Act, how compliance is assessed, and what to expect at an inspection. 

Types of Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Actions
Learn about the key types of compliance and enforcement actions that are used to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and that are reported in the NR C&E Database.


Natural Resource Compliance and Enforcement Summaries
A journal­ style publication, providing a summary of enforcement actions taken in a three month period. Infractions range from illegal hunting and fishing, open burning, mud bogging, causing pollution, and illegal pesticide applications.

Overdue Environmental Court Penalties
A journal style publication, providing a summary of outstanding environmental court fines and creative sentencing orders.

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Procedure (PDF) prescribes common requirements and procedures for all staff to ensure consistent and risk-based assessment and response to non-compliance.

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy Compliance Management Framework (PDF) describes the approach to and vision for ensuring compliance with environmental regulatory requirements.

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Mines and Mineral Resources Division Compliance & Enforcement Policy sets out the tools available to inspectors when addressing incidents of non-compliance and introduces the Non-Compliance Decision Matrix.


Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to frequently asked questions about public reporting and the Database.

Abbreviations Index
Find the meanings of abbreviations commonly used in public reporting and the Database.