Routine Environmental Reporting Submission Mailbox

The Routine Environmental Reporting Submission Mailbox (RERSM) is an email address and set of associated procedures that centralize the submission of routine reports that may be required as part of your authorization under the Environmental Management Act. This process makes it easier for our authorization holders to submit routine reports.

Please review your authorization to determine your reporting requirements and the frequency of the submissions.

Mandatory File Naming & File Types

Please review the Naming Conventions Guidance Document for details and instructions. If naming conventions are not followed, we will not be able to link your submission with your specific authorization and you will be asked to resubmit. 

Unfortunately more descriptive file names would exceed the character limit for the file path in the ministry filing system and could create problems. Only submit either PDF or Excel file formats. Your data must be attached to an email, do not include data or reports in the body of the email.

Appending the annual status form to the file name 

The requirement for an annual status form (ASF) is only a requirement for a small subset of authorizations at this time. The ASF tag allows for ministry staff to quickly identify reports with this useful information.

More Information

What is a routine report?

A routine report is a regularly scheduled report, the content and due dates for which may be specified in your authorization. This includes annual, quarterly, monthly, etc., reports that may include interpretive text with data, or only data. An immediate noncompliance report is an example of a non-routine report as it is not scheduled.

Some authorizations require multiple types of routine reports. Some authorizations do not require submission of routine reports. The RERSM is designed to receive all routine monitoring data and routine reports via email. Sending your reports to the RERSM will ensure your information is received, processed and logged in within the timelines set in your authorization.

Where are the reporting requirements identified?

Generally, the sections titled “Reporting Requirements” and “Monitoring Requirements” will indicate the specific reporting needs associated with your authorization. However, site-specific criteria may appear in other areas of your authorization. If you are unable to determine your reporting requirements, or have questions about your specific authorization, please contact your regional ministry office.

Please review your current authorization to ensure that all reporting requirements are being submitted. If you are not required to submit routine reports at this time, no further action is required. However, please be aware of the process should you be required to do so in the future.

Confirmation of Receipt

You will receive a confirmation email when your report has been received. After your confirmation email has been sent, your submission will be reviewed for completeness.

After review, you will either receive an email stating your submission has been accepted or you will be asked to resubmit with corrections. Acceptance means that your submissions have met the ministry’s naming conventions and format standards. This acceptance should not be interpreted as a statement regarding a determination of compliance findings.