Stewardship Baseline Objectives Tool

The Stewardship Baseline Objectives Tool (SBOT) is currently developed for the South Coast Region. Objectives are implicitly or explicitly set for different economic, social, and environmental values through regulations and policy, land use plans, and operational management objectives. Assessments are prepared to determine how well those objectives are being met through inventory and monitoring initiatives.BC South Coast, Photo by Melanie Wilson Government, industry and other partners then take actions to directly manage these values.

SBOT incorporates the Cumulative Effects Framework (CEF) results where available and appropriate, and adds additional regional and provincial data sets, such as habitat supply and inventory data. SBOT allows the end user to select and receive individual assessments for multiple existing features, such as Landscape Units, population units, Wildlife Habitat Areas, and protected areas. SBOT also allows the end user to create specific area of interest (or feature) for assessment

There are over twenty (20) priority terrestrial and aquatic values that are being managed in the region. There are twelve SBOT values currently in development, and multi-value SBOTs are also in development such as for Integrated Investment Planning, (IIP), and Mature Forest.

The interactive mapping tool provides both generalized information and site-specific information for efficient decision-making. SBOT functionalities include the ability to create specific areas of interest (or features) for assessment and create a report on the fly for a chosen area of interest. The tool also supports in answering value-specific questions in response to a potential project environmental impacts and mitigation measures.

Project Area

Click on the image below for a detailed map of the current project area.

thumbnail image of the BC south coast region.

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