Incremental internal rate of return (Inc-IRR)

To be eligible for FFT (Forests for Tomorrow) funding the prescribed regime of treatments must meet the FFT Incremental internal rate of return (Inc-IRR) criteria. A 2% Inc-IRR is employed to balance the economic return of reforestation investments with future timber supply and other resource values and objectives.

Variation to levels between 0 and 2% will be utilized when benefits to timber supply or other resource values reflect a higher social priority

New Inc-IRR Software (2013)

New Inc-IRR software was introduced in 2013, replacing FFT’s IRR Workbook in use since 2006. The new software, FAN$IER, is fully-integrated and packaged with TIPSY version 4.3. FAN$IER is a general economic analysis package incorporating special features supporting FFT IRR calculations.

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