Software Download

A number of downloadable software packages are available.

Timber Vegetation and NVAF Software for Handhelds



This software is commonly described as a field data entry “handheld”. It is comprised of two modules:

  • one module loads onto a handheld device
  • the other installs onto a desktop or portable computer

TIMVEG is used for “Timber and Ecology” data collection for both VRI and CMI samples. This includes attributes for coarse woody debris (CWD) and old Growth/Succession.

How to submit samples: Keypunched samples should be submitted as email attachments and sent directly to the VRI Data Coordinator. 
Note: There have been occasional technical problems province-wide that have affected the delivery of samples. Therefore, to avoid possible uploading or validation delays, please notify the VRI Data Coordinator by email or telephone when any or all samples are submitted.

The NVAF volume and decay data collection and edit systems, allows field crew to collect data on electronic handhelds.

The software and user guide can be downloaded below. This document describes basic instructions on how to use the Volume and Decay Data Collection and Edit System. This document is designed for field personnel who are already familiar with the Volume and Decay Data Collection process.


  • Volume & Decay Data Collection and Edit System software [download] (version 5.7) - Posted 25 May 2009

User Guide Manual

  • Volume & Decay Data Collection and Edit System User Guide [download] (version 5.6 August 25th 2003)

VRI Photo Interpretation/Update Software

VegCap for Contractors

VegCap for Contractors is a version of Vegetation Resource Inventory Management System (VRIMS) VegCap. It is used by VRI Phase 1 contractors to validate their Phase 1 deliverables prior to submitting them to the Ministry for integration. This tool is currently built to work within ArcMap 10.1. It may also work in ArcMap 10.2, but this has NOT been tested.

The file to download is called This file contains a detailed set of install instruction.


Permanent Sample Plot Software

Growth & Yield Host and Handheld Systems (GYHost/GYHand)

A Data Collecting, Editing and Reporting System

GyHost/GyHand software version 2002 is the Growth and Yield Permanent Sample Plot's (PSP) field data collecting, editing and reporting system. The GyHand software allows the user to collect and edit field sample data on the handheld computer while the GyHost Software transfers, edits and reports on the data using a personal computer.

GyHost/GyHand software version 2002 is the Growth and Yield Permanent Sample Plot's (PSP) field data collecting, editing and reporting system. The GyHand software allows the user to collect and edit field sample data on the handheld computer while the GyHost Software transfers, edits and reports on the data using a personal computer.

To download the software:

  1. Create a directory on your hard drive from the DOS prompt (e.g., md GYHOST02) or make a new folder using Windows. The directory/folder name should have no more than 8 characters. You may have more than one directory/folder containing the software in order to separate projects or sample types. GyHost02 is used as an example but you could use names incorporating the project year, contractor, sample type et cetera.
  2. Go to the Growth and Yield Internet website, GyHost/GyHand page.
  3. Click on GYHOST02.EXE (1,801 kb)to download GYHost and Handheld System (manual).
  4. Choose "Save to disk" when prompted; click OK.
  5. Choose the directory/folder created in Step 1 and ensure that the file name is Gyhost02.exe.
  6. Click on Save Button.


To Install Software:

  1. Exit the Internet and go to DOS prompt or Windows Explorer.
  2. Go to the directory/folder where you saved GyHost02.exe (e.g. cd GyHost02 for DOS command)
  3. Type gyhost02 and hit Enter. The "WinZip Self-Extractor" dialogue box appears. Unzip to folder C:/GyHost02 or alternatively double click GYHOST02.EXE in Windows. This will unzip the following files:
All program files for GYHOST GYHOST/GYHAND Software
USERMAN.DOC User's Manual for GYHOST/GYHAND System (MS Word 97)


System's Environment Setup  

  1. The download provides you with a file config.gy0 which can be related to the GY_HOST.EXE and GY_HAND.EXE files. For Windows XP or NT right click the exe file, go to properties, select the program tab and advanced button, and edit the Windows PIF settings config file to read config.gy0. Refer to the User's Manual for further information.
  2. Alternatively, use a search to find your config file and then ensure that the config.sys (for Windows95 and 98) or config.nt (for WindowsNT and XP) is edited to have;
    Buffer = 24 or Multiple of 8
    Files = 249. Refer to the User's Manual for further information.
  3. Reboot your computer for Windows 95 or 98 operating systems to invoke the config file.

To Run Software:   

  1. Make sure you are in GYHOST02 directory or the working directory that you have created for the software.
  2. Type GYHOST and hit Enter or in Windows select GYHOST.BAT to start GYHOST.
  3. You can also run GYHAND (GYHAND.BAT) on the PC to enter information such as office verified age core counts. Do not enter other tree measurement information in the office as it will not be field verified.



Growth and Yield Modelling Software

SiteTools v4.1 – March 2017

  • The current version of SiteTools is 4.1b (released in February 2017).
  • The functions in SiteTools are also available in a single .DLL file (SINDEX.DLL v1.51). This allows for incorporation into other custom applications. See below Sindex DLL.

VDYP Getting Software

The first VDYP 7.0 was released on 2nd April 2007. For support documents, software, publications, etc refer to the links below or on the side columns. There is currently an upgrade to the software, version 2. All user guides have also been updated.

VDYP version 6.0 - not available

VDYP6 is no longer available due a change in software and the availability of specific attributes that are required. In addition, the SINDEX version installed in the model is outdated.   VDYP6 is no longer supported by the Ministry.

Register Here

Registered VDYP 7 users will be notified of software changes and updates, amendments and additions to this website via their email address. Send email to Wenli Xu (

Download Software

To install VDYP 7 for the first time follow instructions listed on the self-extracting .exe file. Further instructions are provided in Volume 1- VDYP7 Overview (make this linked to document), Section 4: Getting Started.

VDYP7 Console (VDYP7 Batch or VDYP7 Adjust)

VDYP7 Batch (or Adjust) is part of the distributed software package, however, it is not supported by the Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations.  The application, has input data format issues, and will not be implemented at the present time.  In addition, the idea to adjust inventory attributes within VRIMS has been shelved.  Inventory users wishing to adjust VRI inventory attributes can do so at their own choice.  There will be limited support for this activity by MFLNRO staff.