Site Index Tools (SiteTools)

SiteTools is a user-friendly site index calculator for Windows. It provides access to many site index related functions for 24 tree species in B.C.

Some of the equations it handles include:

  • Site Index (height-age) equations
  • Years-to-breast-height equations
  • Growth intercept equations
  • Site index conversion equations

Other functions include:

  • Enabling age input/output as total tree age or breast height age
  • Providing an alternative to site index equations for ages below 50 years. 
    Note: This function is only available for some species
  • Predicting the site index of one species from the site index of another.
    Note: This function is available for only some species pairs
  • Providing multiple equations for some species. 
    Note: Ministry recommended equations are identified, which represent the equations used in most ministry growth and yield applications, including TIPSY and VDYP

SiteTools produces custom site index tables and graphs, and also functions as a handy site index calculator. It also includes a separate batch routine for processing large data files.

Additional ministry site productivity resources include: