Preliminary strategic climate risk assessment

The Province completed a Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment for B.C. in 2019. This is the first phase of an initiative to better understand climate-related risks in B.C. and help government develop appropriate measures to address those risks.

The climate risk assessment evaluates the likelihood of 15 climate risk events that could occur in B.C. along with their health, social, economic and environmental consequences. It is the first report of its kind in Canada to examine provincial-scale climate risks.

Key findings

  • The greatest risks to B.C. are severe wildfire season, seasonal water shortage, heat wave, ocean acidification, glacier loss, and long-term water shortage
  • Other risks that have the potential to result in significant consequences include severe river flooding and severe coastal storm surge.
  • Nearly every risk event scenarios would have major province-wide consequences in at least one category.

The Province is working with provincial ministries, Indigenous Nations, regional districts and other partners to better understand and prepare for emerging climate risks.

The risk assessment is not intended to be used as a prediction of future events. Instead, it is a tool to evaluate the likelihood and potential consequences of each event happening in the future to understand the degree of risk each poses for the province to help government prepare.