Regional Terms & Conditions & Timing Windows

The authority to work in and about a stream is generally granted with terms and conditions attached.

Terms and conditions vary from region to region, and work in each region is generally restricted to specific times of the year called regional timing windows.

When you comply with the terms and conditions of your authorization, and work only during the regional timing windows, you help to minimize any risk your work poses to fish and wildlife species in your region.

Regional Terms and Conditions

Habitat officers in each region set the terms and conditions for work in and about a stream.

Regional Timing Windows

A regional timing window is the period(s) during the year when work may be carried out with the lowest risk to fish and wildlife species and habitat. Timing windows and terms and conditions vary based on regional differences in fish and wildlife species and habitat, and geography.

Regional Information

Download a chart to find out the mandatory terms and conditions in your area, and when your work will pose least risk to fish and wildlife.