Site Remediation Forms

Application and notification forms, instructions, and schedules are used by site owners, operators and consultants involved in assessing and cleaning up contaminated sites.

Please note: many of the following documents are fillable PDF documents that are not compatible with all browsers. Please download the files to your computer and use the free Adobe Reader to open.

Site Profile

Site profiles are forms that require information about the past and present uses of a site, as well as basic land descriptions. They require readily available information, and should not require the assistance of a consultant to complete. The content and format of a site profile are provided in Schedule 1 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation.

If you determine that none of the activities listed in Schedule 2 of the Regulation has occurred, then you don’t have to complete a site profile – unless you’re ordered to do so by a Director of Waste Management, or a local government asks you to complete parts of a profile for their own records.

Contaminated Sites Services Application

The Contaminated Sites Services application form should be filled out to request all services from the Section except when you want information in our records about sites. For service application enquiries, including the status of an application, contact our Client Information Officer.

Protocol 6 Preapproval Application

Protocol 6 preapproval applications must be sent to the ministry when preapproval is required under section 4.4 of Protocol 6, Eligibility of Applications for Review by Approved Professionals. Once preapproval is obtained, an application for a contaminated sites legal instrument based on the preapproval and accompanied by a recommendation by an Approved Professional that the application be approved, is eligible for submission to the ministry.

Summary of Site Condition Form

The Summary of Site Condition must be submitted with service requests accompanied by the recommendation of an Approved Professional. The circumstances where it is required are outlined in section 7.1 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation and in Protocol 12, Site Risk Classification, Reclassification and Reporting.

Site Information Request Application

Use this application form when you want information about a specific site or sites in our electronic records. We can search several Environmental Protection Division databases, including the Site Registry. Contact the Site Information Advisor for advice.

File Contents Retrieval Application

Submit this application when you want to obtain paper records on sites. Normally you will have already carried out a Site Registry search to identify the Site ID, file numbers and documents you want for the site. Contact the Site Information Advisor for advice.

Notification of Independent Remediation

Section 54 (2) of the Environmental Management Act requires anyone undertaking independent remediation to notify the Director of Waste Management in writing promptly on initiating remediation and within 90 days of completion. Submit this form to inform the ministry when independent remediation of your site begins and ends. Contact the Site Information Advisor for advice.

Notification of Likely or Actual Migration

The Contaminated Sites Regulation requires that notices be sent to affected neighbours and the ministry if a responsible person becomes aware of the migration or likely migration of contaminants from his or her source parcel to a neighbouring parcel. Please use this form to inform neighbouring parcel owners and the ministry.

Contaminated Soil Relocation Agreement

This form must be submitted to the ministry when contaminated soil is to be relocated from a source site to a receiving site. Signatures of the source and receiving site owners are required as well as signoff by a ministry official.

Site Risk Classification Report

You must complete and sign the Site Risk Classification Report form and send it to the Ministry of Environment when required under Protocol 12, Site Risk Classification, Reclassification and Reporting.

Detailed Ecological Risk Assessment Checklist

Submission of this checklist is required by Protocol 20, “Detailed Ecological Risk Assessment Checklist” under the Environmental Management Act.