Wage-loss Benefits

Wage loss benefits are paid by WorkSafeBC for total disability or for partial disability to replace 90% of your wages if you cannot continue working due to a work-related injury. 

Our Wage Loss Benefits Factsheet explains what wage loss benefits are, duration, how to get paid, responsibilities and what to do if you disagree with a decision.

What is the difference between earnings and net earnings?

Money paid to you by an employer is earnings. This includes regular overtime and sometimes Employment Insurance. This does not include payments made by your employer under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), the Employment Insurance Act (EI),other retirement pensions, health and welfare plans or similar benefit plans for you or your dependents. 

WorkSafeBC will obtain earnings information from you and your employer(s). WorkSafeBC will estimate the value of deductions for personal income taxes, your CPP contributions and your EI contributions. These will be deducted from your gross employment earnings. The remaining earnings are your net earnings

I am going to be off work longer than 10 weeks. How does WorkSafeBC set my long term wage rate?

If a work related injury or disease disables you from working, WorkSafeBC must pay you wage loss benefits.

For the first 10 weeks, your wage loss benefits will be based on your earnings just before the injury, minus estimated deductions for Income Tax, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan. This is the short term wage rate. In most cases, the rate is 90% of your net earnings.

If you are disabled more than 10 weeks, WorkSafeBC must set a long term wage rate. The long term wage rate will apply to all further wage-replacement benefits on your claim, including any permanent disability award.

The wage rate decision is one of the most important decisions on your claim. For more information read our Long Term Wage Rate Factsheet.

What if my condition returns or gets worse?

When your condition recurs or becomes worse WorkSafeBC may reopen your claim and re-determine the benefits to which you may be entitled. For more information read our Factsheets:

With a reopening, the earnings selected by WorkSafeBC to calculate your wage rate will depend on whether your condition recurred or became worse within three years of your original injury or more than three years after your original injury.