Compensation Claims and Benefits

Compensation Claims

Are there timelines to apply for workers' compensation?

You must apply for compensation within one year of the date of injury or you were disabled from an occupational disease.If there were special circumstances that prevented you from applying within a year of your injury or disablement from occupational disease, then WorkSafeBC can accept your late application.

For a list of special circumstances and what actions to take refer to our Late Applications for Workers' Compensation Factsheet.

Warning: Extensions of time are rarely granted. If you need to ask for an extension of time, you must do so as soon as you know you missed the deadline. Please see our Extension of Time Factsheet for more information

How can I avoid some problems with my claim?

Being injured or disabled from work can be a very stressful time. Navigating the workers compensation system can be challenging.

Our Avoiding Problems with Your Claim Factsheet has some tips that may help you avoid some common problems, and deal with others.

Make sure you are aware of your deadlines and that you send your information and forms in on time

Can I get benefits from WorkSafeBC if I am injured while working outside BC?

WorkSafeBC injury claims are for injuries that occur in BC, however, there are exceptions.

If the following conditions are met, WorkSafeBC may accept a claim for an injury that occurred outside BC:

  • Your employer's place of business is in BC
  • Your residence and usual place of employment are in BC
  • Your job requires you to work both inside and outside BC
  • You have been working outside BC for less than six months with the same employer

For other exceptions, examples and more information read our Out of Province Claims Factsheet

Compensation Benefits

Can I get more benefits if my medical condition changes?

WorkSafeBC can reopen benefit decisions if there is a significant change or recurrence of a medical condition.

For more information refer to our Can I Get More Benefits If My Medical Condition Changes? Factsheet.

What are Canada Pension Plan disability benefits?

CPP pays a monthly benefit to people who have contributed to the plan, who are between the ages of 18 and 65 and who are disabled according to CPP legislation. The disabling condition can be physical or mental, and is calculated by the degree of disability.

Read our CPP Disability and WorkSafeBC Benefits Factsheet for more information about CPP benefits, compensation rates and how these benefits affect other disability benefits.

What assistance is available if I have difficulty returning to work?

Your Case Manager determines whether you can return to work, and if so, what restrictions and limitations you have. If the Case Manager determines you are not able to return to your pre-injury employment they will refer your claim to Vocational Rehabilitation Services. A Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant will assess what level of assistance is necessary and work with you to develop a return-to-work plan. 

For more information read our Vocational Rehabilitation Factsheet.