Occupational Health and Safety

On a worksite, everyone has varying levels of responsibility for workplace health and safety. As a worker, you have the right to:

  • Report any unsafe work or unsafe conditions in your workplace
  • Refuse any unsafe work
  • Be informed of rules and procedures to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Report any bullying or harassment you witness to your employer or to WorkSafeBC
  • Raise health and safety concerns
  • Participate in occupational health and safety meetings without financial penalty

Employers have the responsibility to ensure a safe workplace and to fix any unsafe conditions within a reasonable amount of time. If workers and employers cannot agree on health and safety concerns then WorkSafeBC can get involved and make rulings and orders as to what is required. Learn more in the Occupational Health and Safety Factsheet.

What do prohibited actions include relating to Occupational Health and Safety?

A prohibited action includes any act or omission by an employer or union, or a person acting on behalf of an employer or union that negatively affects a term or condition of your employment or your membership in a union.

Examples of prohibited action include:

  • Suspension, layoff, or dismissal
  • Demotion or loss of opportunity for promotion
  • Change in working hours
  • Change of location of workplace
  • Intimidation

Find out more information in our Prohibited Actions Relating to Occupational Health and Safety Factsheet