Business Walk Step 3: Communicate

A Business Walks communications plan ensures that everyone has the right information in a timely manner.  It typically identifies goals, target audience, key messaging and a timeline for rollout.

When developing your Business Walks communications plan make sure to include your local media by way of a news release.

Sending formal invitations to the business community can inform businesses of the upcoming walk and its purpose. This can easily be done by email or phone. However, some communities can choose to be more spontaneous and visit businesses without the advance notice. If you go the invitation route, be sure to have a list handy of businesses that request not to be visited.

Use the following sample survey template to develop your survey.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • During the Business Walk, remember to talk with each business owner to explore the identified questions. Scribes are helpful in recording responses. 
  • Talking and taking notes at the same time can be tricky! Be sure to identify a survey lead in advance of the walk to ask the survey questions and identify a scribe to take the notes.
  • Collate and analyze the information gathered. Identify common themes and issues.  Use the information to develop an action plan.
  • Remember to report out to business owners and the community on the results gathered and the action plan to be implemented.  

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