Community Plans

Before you begin planning for land development within your community, you must first have an official community plan that reflects your council’s plans for economic development and land use.

Developing or Updating Your Official Community Plan

Developing or updating your official community plan is an effective way to build consensus within your community about ways to develop land assets and grow your economy.

Public consultation

In developing your official community plan, you will need to consult with individuals, organizations and authorities that could be affected.  The benefits are:

  • Public consultation helps ensure that your long-term vision for the community and its land assets matches with what local residents, businesses and neighbouring communities need and want.
  • When the vision and goals of community and regional plans are consistent or complementary, this encourages communities to work together.

Linking to Your Economic Development Plan

Your economic development plan builds on the official community plan with specific goals and strategies relating to:

  • Business and investment attraction
  • Business retention and expansion
  • Job creation
  • Other economic development essentials

Key community assets are identified and strategies are created to help you realize your economic development objectives.

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