Zoning & Regulations

Zoning bylaws, development permit areas and other forms of land use regulations ensure that you have the legal authority you need to develop your land resources and grow your economy.

What are Zoning Bylaws?

Zoning bylaws regulate the development and use of land, buildings and other structures in your community, including details, such as the height and size of buildings.  This includes privately-owned land.

Zoning Bylaws & Your Official Community Plan

Before you take action to improve or sell a land parcel, you may need to revisit your zoning bylaws to ensure that they are consistent with the vision in your official community plan.

Downtown Revitalization

Development permit areas are an option for communities interested in revitalizing a downtown commercial area or supporting any other specific type of development within the community.  Before any construction can start on a land parcel within a development permit area, the owner must first obtain a development permit from the municipality.  This requirement provides an opportunity for local governments to carefully review the proposed development and confirm that it fits with the official community plan.

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