What is an Official Community Plan?

Before you can proceed with a community economic development plan, you must first have an official community plan (OCP)

An official community plan, as outlined in the Local Government Act section 875, describes the long-term vision of communities. 

These plans:

  • Are a statement of objectives and policies that guide planning and land use management
  • Impact a community’s sustainability and resilience
  • Outline long-term development plans for a community 
  • Outline how a local government plans to exercise its powers

Local governments don’t have to adopt an official community plan. However, if they do, all bylaws enacted and the work they chose to do must be consistent with the plan. The official community plan does not commit the local government to go ahead with any works or projects that are mentioned in the plan.

Before you create a community economic development plan, you should check to see if you have an official community plan. If so, review it to understand how it will affect economic development in your area and how your economic development plan can fit in. 

What to Include in Your Official Community Plan?  

Official community plans are as unique as their communities.  As such, it’s important to review all the requirements for creating one.

The B.C. government’s Planning and Land Use team can answer questions about official community plans.

Use the Local Government Division Staff Finder to find a:

  • Ministry financial officer
  • Governance and structure analyst
  • Planning analyst

Or contact PLUM@gov.bc.ca.