Business-friendly Environment for Land Development

A business-friendly community makes it easy to do business and bolsters your local economy.  Reducing barriers, costs, risks and uncertainty for the business community can help you attract new businesses and develop your land assets.

Execute strategies to create a business-friendly environment:

1. Improve Online Access to Information & Services

Site selection consultants rely on community websites and other online sources for information to support location decisions.  You can maintain interest in your community and its land assets by making it easy to find and access information on your website.

2. Provide Information about Incentives

Incentives can help you support development that fits with your community’s vision, plans and land use regulations. 

Site selection consultants and prospective local business owners factor in incentives when they are assessing and comparing the pros and cons of various communities. For example, property tax exemptions and infrastructure improvement funding. Make sure information about incentives is provided in a prominent location on your website.

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3. Revisit Your Zoning & Land Use Regulations

Developers look for communities with flexible and innovative zoning and land use regulations.  To attract investment and promote business success, revisit your bylaws and regulations to make sure they reflect current development standards.

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