Small Business Roundtable

Small Business Roundtable

The permanent Small Business Roundtable (Roundtable) was established in 2005 to engage in dialogue with small business owners from across British Columbia to identify top of mind issues and opportunities facing small businesses. The Roundtable board is comprised of small business leaders from across B.C. who collectively represent the diverse interests of small businesses from all regions and sectors.

Chaired by the Minister responsible for small business, this arms-length advisory board engages with the small business community on behalf of the Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology through community consultations and through feedback received from the Roundtable’s website. The Roundtable presents their findings, recommendations, and priorities for government and small business owners to consider through their Annual Report to Government.

To request a consultation in your area, or to contact the Roundtable, please fill out the following form and we will follow up with you. For more detailed information about the Roundtable and its work, visit the official website.

Small Business Roundtable Reports

The 12th Annual Report to Government highlights the Roundtable’s work of 2016/2017.