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A Special Event Permit (SEP) is for any individual, organization or business that sells or serves liquor in any location that is not a

  • Private residence
  • Private place
  • Licensed establishment

Selling liquor includes direct and indirect charges for the liquor

  • For example, including a serving of liquor in the price of an event's admission


There are many occasions when a SEP is needed, including

  • A manufacturer’s tasting event
  • A social, cultural, recreational, religious, sporting or community event
  • A beer or wine judging competition
  • A mass invitation, customer appreciation event


  • Public special events, $100.00 per day/location
  • Private special events $25.00 per day/location
    • Includes family special event permits

If you apply for a Special Event Permit, you need to know about Serving It Right and Special Event Server certification.

Terms and conditions

You must follow B.C.’s liquor laws and the SEP terms and conditions at all times (specific terms and conditions may be printed on your permit). Make sure to review the: 


Apply for a Special Event Permit

Complete the online application.

If you need help with an online application, call


Contact the LCRB's SEP support team

Toll Free:

Victoria Office: