Student Transitions Project

The Student Transitions Project uses personal education numbers (PENs) to track B.C. student data across both K-12 and public post-secondary education systems. This information guides program planning and management to help students transition successfully to post-secondary education and graduate.

Strict procedures ensure that privacy is protected – data used for the project cannot be used to make decisions about individual students.

Steering Committee

The role of the steering committee is to:

  • Determine policy-related research questions to guide analysis of data exchanged under the Student Transitions Project Information Sharing Agreement
  • Determine how parties to the agreement can use the data and who can use it
  • Assess third-party requests for access to the aggregate data that does not contain personal information
  • Establish timelines, methods and procedures for the exchange of data
  • Review data analysis reports
  • Ensure that any exchange of personal information meets the requirements of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

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