Common Disbursement System (CDS)

Last updated on January 25, 2024

The Common Disbursement System (CDS) is used to support the issuance and monitoring of the funding to School Districts and Independent School Authorities.

Log into the Common Disbursement System Application (CDS)

CDS Application Access

Access to CDS to view grant payments is available to School Districts and Independent School Authorities.

A recommendation from the Secretary-Treasurer or the School Authority Chairperson must accompany all staff requests for CDS access.

Requests for access to the CDS application must be initiated by submitting a CDS User Access Change Request Form:

The form is to be submitted to the Resource Management Division, Funding and Allocation Unit,

The user will receive notification when access has been granted. 

Contact information

Ameer Adam
Funding and Allocation Unit
Resource Management Division