Guiding principles for the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Last updated: June 23, 202

The Framework for Enhancing Student Learning:

  • Creates a system-wide focus on individual student learning to ensure all students in B.C. achieve their full potential
  • Continues to build public trust and confidence in B.C.’s education system by ensuring that all students are provided a high quality learning experience
  • Provides a structure to ensure that what is measured and reported is consistent with the focus on student success and in keeping with the goals of education in the province of British Columbia
  • Ensures capacity building and a system-wide commitment to continuous improvement and life-long learning
  • Recognizes that all education partners and Indigenous peoples and Indigenous rightsholders, each with unique contributions, share responsibility for student learning
  • Recognizes the individual learning needs of students and fosters equitable and inclusive learning environments
  • Focuses on intellectual, career, human and social development; including exploration of one’s identity
  • Facilitates communication and ongoing authentic engagement of Indigenous peoples and Indigenous rightsholders in respectful collaborative action
  • Facilitates communication and ongoing authentic engagement of education partners in respectful collaborative action
  • Reflects local and societal contexts, enabling innovative and flexible responses in classrooms, schools and districts with necessary supports from government
  • Supports growth and achievement among particular groups of students, most notably Indigenous students, children and youth in care, and students with disabilities or diverse abilities
  • Consistently uses evidence from a variety of sources to ensure responsive and transparent decision-making; and
  • Commits to demonstrating fiscal responsibility and effective stewardship of resources in supporting system and student outcomes