Capital Management for Kindergarten to Grade 12

Funding for public school buildings and structural improvements is shared between the provincial government and boards of education. Resources are allocated fairly and in a cost-effective way. How funds are used is publicly disclosed.


Capital Asset Management

For the guidelines, procedures and communication tools used for the acquisition of sites, construction of new school facilities, and the expansion, renovation and replacement of existing facilities in B.C.

Capital Planning

Current publications and capital planning resources provides support and direction for School Districts with capital planning.

Capital Programs

There are various capital programs for renovations, expansions, seismic mitigation, risk management services, bus purchases and maintenance to extend the useful life of school buildings around the province.

Current Major Capital Projects

Learn about all the exciting capital projects that are happening around the Province of British Columbia

Seismic Mitigation Program

A comprehensive school seismic upgrading program is underway to make schools safer in the event of an earthquake by minimizing the probability of structural collapse.

Resources Archive

For information purposes past planning resources, capital budgets, documents, approved School District Capital Plans and project reports are provided for your convenience.