Early Learning Projects

Last updated on April 29, 2022

Learn more about initiatives that support Early Learning British Columbia:


Family Resources

Early Learning booklets encourage children and families to play and learn with each other, which is important for healthy child development. Booklets are available in multiple languages.


Ready, Set, Learn (RSL)

Intended for families and their three- to five-year-old children, Ready, Set, Learn is all about fostering positive connections between families, the school system and local community services. Ready, Set, Learn events/activities offered by schools are intended to provide a fun, family-oriented atmosphere to support children and family transitions to school.


StrongStart BC 

StrongStart BC provides free, drop-in programs for families and children. The program is designed for supporting high quality early learning experiences for families and children for playing and learning together. 


Changing Results for Young Children (CR4YC)

Participating districts support teachers, educators and child care professionals to work together and learn from each other in support of social emotional well-being in young children. 


Strengthening Early Years to Kindergarten Transitions (SEY2KT)

The SEY2KT initiative provides opportunities for school districts and communities to work together in support of young children and their families. The program supports smooth transitions from home to school and operates in 12 school districts. 


Seamless Day Kindergarten (SDK)

The Seamless Day Kindergarten (SDK) pilot program is intended to create a seamless (smooth) day for Kindergarten students by offering before- and after-school care within kindergarten classrooms. Teachers and Certified Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) provide care and learning support throughout the day



Just B4 supports children in a school based preschool program to “just be four years old”. This pilot program is offered in several StrongStart BC spaces. 


Early Childhood Education Dual Credit

To help meet the need for child care professionals in B.C., school districts are expanding dual credit opportunities for high school students interested in early childhood education. Dual credit empowers learners to take post-secondary courses while earning their high school diploma.



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