Early Learning Projects

Learn more about the our initiatives that support Early Learning British Columbia:

The ChildCare BC Plan outlined a vision for affordable, accessible and quality care across the province. Revisions to the 2008 BC Early Learning Framework have been made to address quality early learning environments. Key changes include:

  • Indigenous worldviews and perspectives built throughout the document
  • Focus on children birth to eight
  • Strength-based focus reflected through inclusive practices
  • Early learning and play positioned as a continuum
  • Inquiry-based practice integrated
  • Alignment with the K-12 Curriculum and Competencies 

Take a look at BC’s Early Learning Framework

Building on the success of a previous project, Changing Results for Young Readers, this new project focuses on developing the social and emotional well-being of young children through evidence-based practices. Primary educators, StrongStart BC facilitators, and community-based ECEs participate in inquiry-based professional development. Educators collaborate and learn to support young children’s well-being through the early years.

Check out presentations from the Changing Results for Young Children Provincial Gathering hosted by Maria LeRose. Presenters include Jane Beach, Kim Schonert-Reichl and Pippa Rowcliffe who offered current research in their fields.


Families, caregivers, educators, and children communicate the need for additional supports during the transition from early years to Kindergarten. Cohesive transitions to Kindergarten support long term social and emotional well-being as well as academic success.

In this pilot project, district early learning coordinators partner with community providers. They develop strategies unique to the strengths and challenges within their communities to achieve smoother transitions to Kindergarten for children.

Extended engagement in play is one of the best ways to prepare young children for school and life. We have developed resources that provide information to parents and caregivers about how to engage their young children in different kinds of play and how to support the transition to Kindergarten.

Early Childhood Educators, Primary Teachers, and Caregivers all have a role to play in supporting early learners in their development. The Professional Learning Model project brings together groups of educators across environments and within communities to support collaboration, networking, shared instructional practices, and a more cohesive continuum of learning from early years to primary years.

In support of ChildCare BC’s plan to create more child care spaces across the province, we are transitioning up to 8 underutilized StrongStart BC programs into full day child care programs housed on school grounds.