Early Learning Framework

B.C. is updating the Early Learning Framework for 2018 and we want to hear from you. Please read, pass along, and share your thoughts with us as we refine the document. You can send your comments to the Early Learning Team 

B.C.’s Early Learning Framework guides and supports early childhood educators, StrongStart BC facilitators, early years professionals, service providers, communities, and governments in providing rich early learning experiences for children from birth to age 8. The framework provides a focal point for dialogue among British Columbians, and creates a common language and greater understanding of the vital importance of early learning for all young children.

The Framework applies to all learning environments, from StrongStart BC programs to child care settings, pre-schools and other early childhood development or child health programs. It also:

  • Supports dialogue and reflection on the importance of the development and learning of young children
  • Guides early learning programs and activities
  • Encourages discussion with families about their child’s early learning
  • Shapes professional development
  • Creates a shared image of children to guide the promotion of early learning

Learning Resources for the Early Learning Framework

Take a look at the online training modules for the 2008 Early Learning Framework. As we update and revise the document, supporting resources like the online training modules will be updated as well.