StrongStart BC Information for Educators

Last updated: March 13, 2023

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Early Childhood Educators who facilitate StrongStart BC programs provide a quality early learning experience for children aged birth to five,  and their families. Early Childhood Educators provide space and place, materials and time for children and their families to grow and learn in relationships.

StrongStart BC centres are administered by individual school districts and are facilitated by certified Early Childhood Educators.

The B.C. ECE Registry is responsible for certifying qualified Early Childhood Educators upon completion of an approved program.

Program Quality Reflection Tool

Strong evidence indicates that regular reflection and assessment of educator practice helps ensure program standards are upheld. Use this tool to maintain the high quality of your local StrongStart BC program by reflecting on your practice, sharing insights with other educators and, where needed, implementing improvements.

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StrongStart BC Operations Guide

Use the suggestions in this guide to help with StrongStart BC planning, policy development and program management

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