The New Job Survey

The New Job Survey targets two key groups of employees—new employees and existing employees who have changed jobs. Both groups provide much needed feedback at critical points in their career with the B.C. Public Service.

The survey has been ongoing since 2017, with annual reporting for each fiscal year. The survey is conducted completely online.

Who Gets a Survey and When

All active employees who are members of core government and recently started a new job in the B.C. Public Service will receive an invitation to the survey. This includes new hires (auxiliary, permanent) as well as those who moved internally to new positions (lateral transfers, auxiliary, permanent, temporary appointments).

Eligible employees will receive a survey invitation about three months after they start their new position. This gives employees time to get settled into their new job (and work environment) before completing the survey so they can better provide feedback on their new environment.

How We Use the Information

The information gathered from the survey is used to:

  • Improve the experience of new employees during hiring and orientation processes so they have the best start possible
  • Engage and retain current employees
  • Plan for future talent needs through career development
  • Develop recruitment strategies to hire the talent we need

As well, all the information gathered is protected under the Statistics Act and is kept confidential. Before the results are published, responses are combined and all potentially identifying information is removed so individuals cannot be identified.

Key Questions

Some research questions that we used to design the questionnaire are:

  • What attracts new employees to the B.C. Public Service?
  • What are some characteristics of recently recruited employees?
  • What are employees’ perspectives of the corporate (and ministry-specific) hiring and onboarding processes?
  • What are new employees’ intentions around staying with the B.C. Public Service and what are their future career plans?
  • What are employees’ perceptions of their work environment?
  • What are employees’ motivations for making job changes?
  • How do job changes impact employees’ perceptions of their work environment and engagement?
  • Do employees feel supported during their transition?

Questions about demographic are included to better understand the diversity and range of experiences for new employees entering the B.C. Public Service and how their onboarding experiences might impact their perceptions of their work environment.