About the B.C. Public Service Exit Survey

The BC Public Service Exit Survey complements the Work Environment Survey (WES) by providing a systematic evaluation of why employees are resigning and retiring from the BC Public Service.

Employees are asked to provide feedback regarding why they have decided to leave, their level of engagement and what made the BC Public Service a good place to work.

Key Questions

Circumstances and issues that impact an employee's reasons for departure are gathered from six key questions. This information is used to develop future strategies for employee engagement and retention. The six questions are:

  • Under what circumstances are respondents resigning or retiring from the BC Public Service?
  • What are the respondents’ levels of engagement when resigning or retiring?
  • What factors contributed to respondents’ decision to resign or retire?
  • What can be done differently to retain respondents?
  • What makes the BC Public Service a good place to work?
  • What is the demographic breakdown of those resigning or retiring?