Whether you are looking for B.C. population projections, historical Census data or the latest labour force statistics, find a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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Business, Industry & Trade

Find data and analysis related to businesses and specific industries in B.C., as well as export and import figures and trade profiles.


Find a variety of statistics related to the economic strength of B.C. including gross domestic product, consumer price index, housing starts and more.

Employment & Labour Market

View annual averages and forecasts, learn about the Labour Force Survey and browse a list of other resources.

People, Population & Community

View statistics that reflect the people of B.C. including socioeconomic profiles, population projections, migration figures and census profiles for Indigenous peoples.

Nature & Environment

Sharing key scientific and technical information is an important part of monitoring and managing B.C.’s natural resources. Find a variety of statistics and reports related to environmental topics.


Find government data regarding the public service workforce, the justice system and more.

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