Custom Products & Services

Call on the experts for statistical information, products and services developed specifically for your project and business needs.

Our team consists of over 30 statisticians, economists and research methodologists who will work with you to understand your project or organizational issue and provide the necessary research. We can deliver our analysis in a number of ways, from a detailed report to "just the numbers", so that you can make evidence-based decisions best suited to your needs.


Get the answers you need. We conduct surveys for B.C. government ministry, crown corporation and agency clients.

Working with BC Stats will guarantee the confidentiality of your respondents, save you time and money, and provide you with the best expertise in survey design, administration and analysis.

Custom Data Development

Looking for data or analysis? We can provide you with

  • Indicators of labour and social conditions
  • Custom trade extracts for international exports and imports
  • Mapping and PCensus if you need census data for specific locations

Some products such as socio-economic profiles and electoral district census profiles are already available online.

Modelling & Forecasting

Let us help you see into the future.

Projections - BC Stats develops population projections and employment and labour force participation rates. We can also provide you with custom population projections for specific regions.

Economic Impact Assessment - Find out what kind of impact a major project or a significant economic event will have. Let us provide you with an economic impact assessment using the British Columbia Input-Output Model.

Sector Analysis

If analysis related to a specific sector of the economy is what you need, we can produce comprehensive reports for most industries including non-standard sectors such as high technology, small business and tourism.