Death of an Employee

These instructions are for managers and supervisors who are notified of the death of an employee. If there has been a fatality in the workplace, follow the instructions on Death in the Workplace

First Steps

  • Attend to the needs of your staff and co-workers
    • Assess the need for onsite critical incident response services
    • Make employees aware that short-term counselling is available through Morneau Shepell: 1 800 655-5004
  • Call AskMyHR to report the death
    • A service representative will support you and the employee's next of kin to make sure questions are answered and benefits made available as soon as possible
    • If you are unsure whether the employee had benefits and was enrolled in group life insurance, ask the service representative to confirm before preparing the survivor's information package

What to Prepare

For the union or association

If the employee belongs to a union or association, your AskMyHR representative will help you complete a notification letter.

For the family

Calling the Employee's Next of Kin

If needed, coaching and short-term counselling is available 24 hours a day to support you to deal with your grief and help you with calling the employee’s next of kin. Your call will be escalated to a counsellor with expertise in crisis situations.

When you speak with the next of kin

  • Offer your condolences
  • Supply your contact information
  • Offer to deliver the survivor's information package in person or electronically whenever they are ready
  • Offer to communicate to the workplace anything the family wishes to be made known, for example, funeral or memorial service details

This information is included in the survivor's information package, however, you may also want to mention

  • Counselling services are available free of charge through Morneau Shepell by calling 1 800 655-5004
  • If applicable,* the beneficiary or executor will receive mail and/or be called regarding life insurance and pension benefits
  • If applicable,* the beneficiary of the life insurance can request an advance of $8,000 from the proceeds to cover funeral expenses by calling AskMyHR
  • If applicable, the employee's union or association may be able to provide emergency financial assistance to the family if needed

* Be sure the employee was eligible and enrolled before mentioning these benefits.

Delivering the Survivor's Information Package

When delivering the survivor's information package in person

  • Include the Letter of Condolence
  • Offer to read through the information with the family member and answer any questions