Human Resources Policy Documents in PDF

These human resources polices can also be viewed online.

Human Resources Policies

01 Hiring and Deployment (PDF, 133KB)

02 Learning and Development (PDF, 103KB)

03 Employee Performance Management (PDF, 125KB)

04 Occupational Safety and Health (PDF, 216KB)

05 Managing Health Related Absences (PDF, 96KB)

06 Job Evaluation (PDF, 104KB)

07 Pay, Benefits and Leave (PDF, 370KB)

08 Termination of Employment of Excluded Employees (PDF, 107KB)

09 Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees (PDF, 340KB)

10 Volunteers from Outside the BC Public Service (PDF, 90KB)

11 Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace (PDF, 210KB)

13 Post Employment Restrictions for Senior Management in the BC Public Service (PDF, 95KB)

14 Security Screening (PDF, 125KB)

15 Relocation (PDF, 135KB)

17 Travel (PDF, 185KB)

Appendix 1 – Travel Allowances (PDF, 51KB)

Appendix 2 – Parking (PDF, 187KB)

18 Statutory Holidays - Excluded Employees (PDF, 87KB)

19 Leave for Preparing to Adopt - Excluded Employees (PDF, 146KB)

20 Calculation of Statutory Holiday Pay - Excluded Employees (PDF, 71KB)

21 Approving Payout of Unused Vacation and Banked Leave - Excluded Employees (PDF, 28KB)

22 Standards of Conduct for Political Staff (PDF, 204KB)

23 Termination for Just Cause (PDF,135KB)

Appendix 1 - Administrative Due Process Checklist for Just Cause Terminations of Included Employees (PDF, 96KB)

Appendix 2 - Administrative Due Process Checklist for Just Cause Terminations of Excluded Employees (PDF, 91KB)

Appendix 3 - Investigation Best-Practice Protocols Checklist (PDF, 303KB)

Appendix 4 - Just Cause Terminations Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 125KB)

24 Public Interest Disclosure (PDF, 207KB)